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"You were supposed to love me!!!"

Love Will Tear Us Apart is a 48-page adult horror anthology, created by P M Buchan (BLACKOUT, La Belle Dame Sans Merci) and debut comic artist R G B, tackling themes of domestic abuse and familial responsibilities in an apocalyptic setting.

This dark anthology contains the complete 30-page comic strip, Love Will Tear Us Apart, alongside P M Buchan's short story, Drinking Bleach Instead, illustrated by John Pearson (Beast Wagon, CULT), a rundown of the top eleven zombie songs of all time by Tomb Dragomir (Rue Morgue Radio, Tomb TV) and pinups by INDIO! (Raygun Roads, Stephenson’s Robot) and Mark Chadwick (Raygun Roads, The Electra Tattoo Company).

Speaking of the new release, P M Buchan said: "When there's no more room in Hell and the dead walk the earth, nobody will have more to lose than parents. My outlook on life changed when I became a father and Love Will Tear Us Apart examines the ways that our motivations evolve to accommodate the needs of our families. Brutally honest, and sometimes just brutal, Love Will Tear Us Apart is for horror readers that value emotional integrity over cheap scares."