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32 pages. Self-published. UK comic format. Gothic-Horror, suggested for Mature Readers.

Based on the poem of the same name by John Keats, La Belle Dame Sans Merci is a four-part series that drags The Beautiful Lady out of the forest and screaming into the modern world.

With a cover coloured by Kate Brown (Fish + Chocolate, Freakangels), pin-ups by Kate Ashwin (Widdershins) and Kate Holden (Fan Dan Go), a back-up essay about the feminism of Keats by Bad Reputation blog editor Miranda Brennan, additional lettering and design by Mike Stock (Afterlife Inc., Dead Roots) and a downloadable soundtrack composed by Brendan Ratliff (aka Syphus) this is a haunting story that you can’t afford to miss.

Leave a note in the instructions box at purchase if you choose a dedication or signed copy by the writer. Unfortunately Karen Yumi Lusted is currently out of the country and unable to sign any comics.

Download the free soundtrack to La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

“P M Buchan’s loose interpretation of Keats’s poem is as enigmatic and disturbing as the source material. Like all the best horror, La Belle Dame Sans Merci compels me to keep looking no matter how much I may want to turn away. I’ll be back for the next chapter.”

---David Hine (The Darkness, Detective Comics, Storm Dogs)

"Lusted brings an atmosphere of foreboding doom and dismay, with a restraint that keeps the drawings grounded in reality. Readers will surely be engaged by the gripping plot and terrific artwork as the pages reveal the loneliness of adulthood and the unsettling terror of obsession."
---Jorge Solis (BloodyDisgusting.com, Fangoria Magazine, TrulyDisturbing.com)